Sports Photographer of the Year

Congratulations to sports photographers Donald Miralle, Ezra Shaw and Jim Davis for placing 1-3, respectively in the 69th annual POY Sports Photographer of the Year competition.  Getty photographer Al Bello was given an Award of Excellence.

Miralle, who uses Canon cameras, won with a 40 image sports portfolio featuring images from Ironman, Pan American Games, America’s Cup, PGA Tour, Super Bowl, “Jaws” surfing and picture stories from the UFC.  He also included a portrait series featuring NFL Super Bowl fans.

You can view the winning Sports Photographer of the Year portfolio here.

In the Sports Picture Story category, first place went to Getty Images photographer Adam Pretty.  Second Place was awarded to Tamasz Gudzowaty.  Third place was Victor J. Blue.  The Award of Excellence was handed to Nikolai Linares and Donald Miralle, two freelance photographers.

View the winning Sports Picture Stories here.

The Sports Feature category was won by Donald Miralle.  Second place was Deanne Fitzmaurice.  Third place was Louis DeLuca.  Awards of Excellence went to Lionel Bonaventure and Ezra Shaw.

You can view the Sports Feature winners here.

In the Sports Action category, Yves Herman placed first with a Cycling photo.  Adam Pretty placed second with “Impact.”  Jim Hollander won third with a wild bull ring photo.

You can view the Sports Action winners here.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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